Micro Mica™

Micro Mica™ is a naturally occurring fine mica product that provides customers with substantial cost savings when compared to more expensive wet-ground micas in various applications.

Since its introduction to the industry during the Fall of 2010, Micro Mica™ 115G and 105 products have been approved and adopted successfully in industrial coatings, architectural primers, surface coatings, joint compound and adhesives and sealant applications. In particular, Micro Mica™ products have been sold into wood primers, industrial tank coatings, sports surface coatings, potting compounds and tape joint.

The key features that Micro Mica™ offers formulators is a platy structure aspect ratio (20:1 and 30:1), fine particle size (8-12 microns average) and low surface area, which has provided valuable performance benefits for customers that include: barrier properties, surface smoothness, low resin demand and good electrical and chemical resistance. Based on the above benefits, formulators have found that Micro Mica™ can replace both kaolin and talc at a much lower delivered cost.

Currently, repeat truck load quantities are being delivered to major multinational customers in both domestic and international markets. New customers of Micro Mica™ have enjoyed 20% to 40% savings based on improved logistics alone.

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc., the largest crushed stone producer in Pennsylvania, manufactures Micro Mica™ and has plant assets and ore reserves identified to produce approximately 15,000 tons/year of Micro Mica™.

To learn more about the benefits of using Micro Mica™ in your applications or to request product samples for testing, contact Tony Paolino at (717) 354-1303 or (717) 617-8247.


  • Martin Minerals offers Micro Mica™ 105 and Micro Mica™ 115G
  • Micro Mica™ is fine particle size mica (8-12 Microns average)
  • Platy structure aspect ratio (20:1 and 30:1)
  • Low surface area
  • Provides surface smoothness
  • Low resin demand
  • Good electrical and chemical resistance
  • Replaces Kaolin and Talc at a much lower delivered cost
  • Excellent barrier properties in coatings applications
  • Produced in bulk, paper bags and supersacks


  • Industrial Coatings
  • Architectural Primers
  • Surface Coatings
  • Joint Compound and Adhesives
  • Sealant applications