No project is too big or too small with New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.’s Construction Division. Having capabilities and years of experience at building complete new highways and bridges, refurbishing existing highway structures and roadways, paving of residential and commercial properties, and much more, New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.’s Construction Division is the only contractor you will need.

Our highly trained and experienced team will be onsite and dedicated to complete your project on time and on budget. Owning our own fleet of excavation and paving equipment, along with the equipment to transport it all to your site, allows our team to promptly tackle and complete all tasks at hand.

Also having the supplies needed for your project at our finger tips from our aggregate quarries, HMA plants, Concrete plants, construction warehouses with a wide variety and selection of items for our industry, keeps every project running smoothly at all times and never waiting.

When working with New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. on your project, rest assured that with over 90 years of experience, we make sure the job gets done right.