Ordering Tips

If you’re a contractor…

Before you call dispatch to place an order, please have some key information available to help:

For quoted projects:

  1. Your account number or customer name
  2. Your quote or order number
  3. Job name
  4. Job street address (or street address nearby)
  5. Product and quantity needed
  6. Onsite contact name and phone number

For non-quoted or new projects:

  1. Your account number or customer name
  2. Business or account address
  3. Job name and address (or street address nearby)
  4. Product and quantity needed
  5. Quarry nearest to your project (if known)
  6. Onsite contact name and phone number

If you’re a homeowner…

You may not know exactly which product you need, but here are some things to keep in mind.

Type of material

Our Product Use Chart may help narrow down the choices or show you which products are recommended for a driveway, base material for a concrete patio, etc. so please take time to review that chart.

Base material or compactable products placed in standing water will “pump” the fine particles to the surface and appear as mud. These products should be placed in dry potholes and compacted. If you’re building a driveway, be sure to shape or grade the surface so that the water will flow off the surface and use a roller to compact the surface.

Open graded or “clean” stone cannot be compacted but can be consolidated. Therefore, when used to fill under concrete slabs, you should use a plate compactor to set the stone and avoid hollow spaces under the slabs.

When using open graded or clean stone as top dressing on driveways, avoid overfilling. Too much depth will cause the stone to displace under wheels and foot traffic. It’s best to place topdressing stone on damp or slightly wet surfaces in the Spring or Fall, which allows the stone to seat into the surface and be less susceptible to simply rolling off to the side of the driveway or pathway.

Wires and limbs

You need to have some idea where the product can be delivered on your site. You may have already considered the length and width of the area, but don’t forget to look up and make sure no wires or limbs are in the way that would prevent a safe delivery.

Spreading limitations

We take pride in having skilled delivery truck drivers who can safely place product in the best location for the customer. However, there are limits to where our trucks can go and we give the drivers full authority to make that decision on a site. This includes backing over curbs and sidewalks, site grades, location of trees and wires, etc. Keep in mind that trucks are large and require room to maneuver and may damage curbs and sidewalks due to the weight.

If you are ordering material to create or to topdress a driveway and would like to have the material tailgate spread on the driveway during the delivery, keep in mind that the thickness of the tailgate spread material cannot be guaranteed. In addition, the spreading can only be as good as the original grade. Tailgate spreading cannot correct existing dips in the driveway. Some manual labor by the homeowner will be required to level piles resulting from starts and stops during spreading.